Monday, September 26, 2011

A-ha Moments....Gotta Love Them!

Sunday morning I woke up thinking I was going to tackle my living room in all its craziness.  So far, I have not done anything in there.  (It is only 7:30am though)  I was inspired by Iheartorganizing to gather all my children’s crafts, crayons, paints, etc. into one location.  Can I just say how blessed those of you are that have extra closet space in your homes!  I have 3 closets in my home, all of which are very small, 2 of those small closets(single door) are in the master bedroom (1 for me, 1 for my husband) and the last closet is in the second bedroom(our girls’ room).  Yes, that’s it only 3 closets for us here.  However, I try my hardest to make the best of what I do have and I do have a………..drumroll please……….Laundry Room!   I think I have found the perfect spot next to my dryer for a scrapbook chest I found here, it’s similar to what Jen at iheartorganizing used here except less one drawer. L
It fits perfectly!!

I was able to relocate lots of “fun” stuff to this location in my laundry room! 

All filled & labeled :)

The new drawer break down is: 
1.       Crayons, Markers &  Colored Pencils
2.       Doodling Stuff (spiral stencils, dry erase board)
3.       Stickers & Drawing Pads
4.       Beads & Things
5.       Craft Kits & Supplies
6.       Play-Doh

As I filled this new storage contraption, I was shocked at how many different places I had to go to retrieve the girls’ stuff.   In the laundry room alone, I went to 3 different shelves to gather items.  Some items were in their bedroom on their dresser, some were in the kitchen, and some were even in the living room.  As I gathered, little bells dinged in my head (call them A-Ha moments if you will). 
  • How can I expect my daughters to enjoy their “fun” stuff when they have to hunt all over the house to find what they need?
  • How can I expect them to consistently put-away their “fun” stuff when it goes in four different places? 
WOW!  I can see so many different positives to making this change!  I spent $54 +tax on the new organizer.  (I had a great coupon!)  For me, that $54 and the time I spent relocating all of the items is priceless!  In the long run, this 1 little contraption will encourage more fun activities with my daughters, lessen the constant nagging to put things where they go and makes supplies accessible so my oldest can entertain herself all while keeping small hazards away from my 13 month old!
An organized home that is functional, beautiful and kid-friendly is my goal!  This was my first step! 

Tell me, if you are on a journey such as this what was your first step??  What tips and tricks have you utilized to make your home a more peaceful place for your family??