Friday, September 21, 2012

A list that goes on seems

Overwhelmed is the feeling I have right now!  Only my fault though since I seem to be all over the place when it comes to projects.  I have several (more like 66) projects either in planning mode, progress mode, or "want to do" mode.  On top of that I began homeschooling our 2nd grader in September.  (A huge blessing! more on that later)

**Can I just say I am so incredibly thankful for such a loving, supporting and incredibly PATIENT husband!!**

I heard somewhere that a brain dump is a good thing to do when you begin to feel overwhelmed.  Well, I am at that point I think, at least when it comes to our quaint way too small home.  At least right now it just feels way too small and by society's standards it is way too small.  However, we decided to make do with it for now.  It really isn't all that bad, besides the bigger the house, the more you have to clean right?  And, I certainly am NOT the greatest at keeping a regular cleaning schedule!  (If you are, please be my best friend and I promise I will teach you how to fold a fitted sheet! )

Anyhoo, here comes the brain dump!!

  • Paint frame for chalkboard & hang
  • Change or make new lampshades for red lamps
  • Put up natural roman shades on windows
  • Hang curtains all the way to ceiling
  • Paint/stencil bookcase backing
  • Artwork all around the room
  • Paint back of front door
  • Refinish Flooring
  • Replace light above kitchen table
  • Make a leaf for kitchen table
  • Refinish top of kitchen table
  • Sand texture on walls & repaint
  • Board & batten in dining nook
  • Wood plank ceiling to cover popcorn
  • Build cabinet doors
  • Replace light above sink
  • Window treatment
  • Replace kitchen light
  • Replace flooring or uncover hardwood (fingers crossed)
  • Plan a kitchen update
  • Install bi-fold doors between kitchen & laundry
  • Cover litter box
  • Paint laundry room walls
  • Paint shelving
  • Matching storage baskets
  • Replace back door with one w/ window
  • Replace back screen door
  • Window treatment
  • Put up trim 
  • Prime & Paint trim
  • Paint upper walls
  • Command center
  • Artwork wall
  • Wood plank ceiling
  • Trim attic door
  • Paint attic door
  • Replace hallway light
  • Repair corner
  • Finish wardrobe doors & shelves
  • Revamp closet
  • Make cushion for toy bench
  • Repaint
  • Book Storage
  • Sconces
  • New bedding
  • Build twin bed
  • New window treatment (must be blackout)
  • Cord cover for chandelier
  • Wall treatment
  • Paint
  • Window treatment (tricky b/c window is in shower)
  • Flooring
  • New vanity
  • New toilet
  • Kinda just need an all around remodel in here!
  • Some sort of filing system
  • Organize desk area
  • Organize closets
  • Refinish white side table
  • Find a space for a TV
OH MY!  That is one long brain dump and it is only the INSIDE!! (as my oh-so-kind husband reminded me).  Sorry that there are not any photos this time.  I plan to add photos, etc. as I complete each project.  That's all my tired, overwhelmed brain has to offer today!  Happy Friday everyone.