Tuesday, October 1, 2013

31 days: Practically, Purposefully, Intentionally

Today marks the beginning of The Nester's 31 Days series.  This will be my first time joining in.  I am thrilled, nervous, excited and a bit skeptical.  You see, I am always full of ideas but very seldom do I put them into practice.  When I do put one of my ideas into practice, I rarely bring it to completion.  In other words, I am an unfinisher.  :-)  Can anyone out there relate??

Recently, while laying in bed pondering various topics to write on for 31 days, the word practical came to mind.  It came to mind as I was thinking of my home and how my family and I utilize it.  As I began to think about the rooms in our home and their different purposes, I realized that there wasn't much practicality within it.  I'm sure at some point or another there has been but right now it is not evident.  The thought of every part of our home being practical comforted me; it brought a calm over me.  Even more thoughts and ideas (<---there's that word again) collided in my head.  The theory that even a blank wall or empty corner could be practical was refreshing.  This is where I decided the word 'practical' would be my starting point for this year's topic.  I began by looking up the definition of 'practical'.

     1. of or concerned with the actual doing or use of something rather than with theory and ideas.
synonyms:  actual, active, applied, effective

Whoa!!  You mean to be practical, I must actually do something or put something to use??  Rather than only theorize or think up ideas I must apply them??  Many times words are just words then we define them.  Once they have a meaning, a definition, they come alive.  The volume at which this particular definition for this particular word speaks to my soul is amazing.  My challenge over the next month is to try to put into writing how this word and its definition are hopefully going to infiltrate our home and our livelihood.  

Won't you please join me along the way?!

   I am still an "unfinisher" and I totally didn't make the 31 days!  However, I am still trying to bring more practicality into our home daily.  Finishing may not be my strength, but I certainly am not one give up easily so I will try again to write for 31 days in 2014!  



  1. Excited to see how you'll put practicality to work in your home!!